End Homelessness - How this works.

Mission Statement

To support those who are homeless, facing poverty, dealing with mental health issues or otherwise find themselves marginalized by supplying emergency resources needed to increase their quality of life in a dignified and humanitarian fashion. To engage in immediate support, to assist those who find themselves without a solution and to use this opportunity to build a long term relationship that will enable self sufficiency, self esteem, and dignity. 

Our Plan

Too often people fall through the cracks.  There are programs and agencies that offer assistance to those in need, but for one reason or another TODAY they don't qualify and they need help now. With the assistance of our community partners we quickly validate the need and help in meaningful and real ways. We do not pass out money nor replace existing programs, we merely offer a bridge where needed so that a long term plan can be reached.

Our Goal

This non profit organisation has one goal in mind. Let's address the causes of homelessness. We hope to be the voice that someone needs when they struggle to speak for themselves and a listening ear when one can't be found. Make Cents of Change offers real solutions today, and support and advocacy long term. We work with other agencies within the community as well to ensure that our clients can have and find access to all the supports available to them.