Effective Panhandling. Here's how.

How much impact does less than a dollar actually make in your life?

Fighting against panhandling laws homeless people try to earn enough to get through daily life. We get up and we go to work each and every day. Everyone that works, gets a pay cheque. You earn so many dollars and so many cents each pay period. Do you even know what the "cents" amount is? Does it truly affect your quality of life in any way? We probably lose that much between the seats in the car! Let our non profit organization make cents of that.

Can you imagine the impact it can make for someone who has so little?

At Make Cents of Change we want to show that a little...from a lot of people, can make significant change in your community and in the life of a complete stranger. The pennies that land on the end of your pay cheque can change that life. If you could help someone truly in need with little to no impact on you or your own family, would you do it? All we are asking is for you to donate the change you never see...to make a change in someone's life we see every day.

So let us help YOU make sense of YOUR cents!

Simply sign up here and we do all the rest. Our aim is to help you, help others. We are no different than the panhandler on the street, not asking for much but we know by growing this community we can help those same people long term and that's the goal. Let's not give a hand out, but a hand up. Together we can change a life,  we can Make Cents of Change. Sign up today to donate the cents portion you make each pay period, when you get paid, so do they. What a great way to make change for a life in your community.

Oh and ask your employer about sponsoring Make Cents of Change as well, then you and you coworkers can work together to build a better community and have some great fun along the way.

I want to make cents

How you...can make change.

Here is a great idea, your company or organization can get on board as well and match the donations of their staff!  A community helping a community.  Now that's great business.