Housing Support & Dignity

How you can make...change.

When someone is housed who has been living in a shelter or coming from the streets, corrections, or other institutions this is usually what they receive...a bed, table and chair. The rate that these individuals find themselves struggling to the point of falling backwards is extremely high. Here's why.


Not a pot or pan to cook with, a glass to even have a drink from the tap. No dishes or cutlery, soap, bath towel, toothbrush, shower curtain, pillow, linens, blanket, razor, furnishings etc. The feeling that they are overwhelmed, lost, and worse off sets in.

How would you fair out if you had to leave today and this is your living conditions? You also have no means to do anything about it. It happens, in your community, everyday.

Then you're told to wait, sometimes for months, years, to manage. Our systems and resources are strained to the point that too many become lost and forgotten. You can change that.

We ask that you support our Panhandling Project by throwing the cents from your paycheque (feel free to toss more if you like) and sign up today. We hope that your co-workers follow your community spirit and do the same, and your employer can even take part by matching what the staff do! 

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Here is a great opportunity to be effective.  That's our goal.  It costs you little but can do so so much for someone who has nothing.  Our staff and volunteers are front line and experienced in dealing with this community which speeds up all that we do.  Help today.  Be the change.  Join the #imakecents movement.

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