MAKE CENTS OF CHANGE helping the homeless

Be the Change.

The cents you get every two weeks, can change a life for someone homeless and in need that we see every day. Please take the time to listen and become a part of...change.

How do we help.


In 2007 I walked out of jail...a free man? Not really. I had no place to live and everything I owned was on my back. This is the bed I slept on at the Salvation Army Shelter for months. The dining hall I ate in. The apartment I finally was housed in. A bed, table and chairs and a box of canned goods was what I was given and told you're ok now.

Homeless Reality

I can't open the cans, no pots or pans to cook them in, no plate to eat them with. No linens, curtains, toothbrush or toiletries, meat, milk, even a glass to drink from the tap. It felt like such a step backwards from where I was not a forward one.  This is exactly what every person who is homeless faces when they are trying to have some dignity and stand back up after being knocked down. I made it because good people stood by me and helped me succeed. Shame on me if I don't do the same. So we are asking you to help, to use just a little to make such a huge difference. We act as the voice for those who find it hard to speak for themselves to connect to services available.  Help us make cents of your change to give some dignity to a complete stranger. Are you in?  

Who. Why. How.

Who we are

An emergency outreach program for those who are struggling, homeless, coping with poverty, dealing with mental health or otherwise marginalized and in need of help today.

Why do we do this

Because we can, and it's the right thing to do. Period.

How do we do it

By connecting character, with community. Non profit organizations like Make Cents of Change are helping the homeless community with unique fundraising ideas, support and advocacy, and puts the help required directly and efficiently in the hands of those who need it, when it's needed, and nowhere else.

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